Gym Rules and Regulations

All users of the gym whether members or non-members, guest or visitor must ensure that they read and acknowledge the gym rules and regulations prior to entering or using the facility.

Therefore by proceeding to enter the gym you are agreeing to accept the full conditions laid out in the gym’s terms and conditions – regulations and rules


In order to make our facilities clean, safe and enjoyable for all members, it is necessary for us to provide certain rules and regulations and to uniformly enforce them. The Capitol Gym/The Workout Mill reserves the right to alter or add to the rules in order to maintain the best possible exercising environment.

The management take no responsibility for accidents, personal injury, misadventure, theft or damage unless negligence can be proved


  1. Members will be issued with a membership card
  2. Memberships are not transferable and must only be used by the registered member. Any misuse will result in membership being terminated.
  3. Memberships are not refundable under any circumstances and are not subject to be frozen at any time.
  4. Members that are paid for by direct debit are subject to the terms and conditions specified in the agreement.
  5. Memberships are to be paid for at the time of registration and at the time of renewal when they become due.
  6. Any member who does not have their card must be manually swiped in by a member of staff before entering the facilities.



  1. Non Members are welcome to use the facilities
  2. Non-members are to ensure that they are aware of the gyms terms and conditions and must sign the declaration form before use.

Check In Procedure

  1. . On every visit to the gym all members are required to show/swipe their membership card.
  2. There is a £2 replacement fee to replace a lost membership card.
  3. Non-members, visitors or guests must sign into the gym before use.

Health & Safety

  1. Smoking is not permitted.
  2. Members who suffer from prominent neck, back or joint injury, high/low blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, mental disorders or any other such ailment which would be aggravated by using the facilities must advise the management.
  3. Whist using the facilities members are responsible for their own health.
  4. Members may not use the facilities whilst under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, vasoconstrictors, narcotics or tranquillizers.
  5. Members are not permitted to undertake the lifting of heavy weights unless assistance has been requested and ‘spotters are in attendance for safety reasons.
  6. No responsibility will be taken for personal injury unless negligence can be proved.



  1.  Lockers are provided for members to use for the storage of personal items.
  2. The management are not liable for theft of any personal belongings
  3. For security reasons and for the benefit of all members all lockers must be emptied at the end of each session.

Gym Bags

A Gym bags are to be stored in a locker or designated bag storage shelving and are not permitted on the gym floor.

Workout Towel

All members are advised to keep a workout towel in their possession throughout their workout.

Dress Code for Workout Areas

Proper freshly laundered gym attire is required. No clothing which contains rivets, hooks, studs or zips  (for example jeans) is allowed.  A suitable top is to be worn at all times. Closed toe athletic shoes must be worn no flip flops sandals or bare feet allowed.

Changing Room/Showers

  1. Please respect that other members use these facilities
  2. No Shaving is permitted
  3. Any inappropriate or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated
  4. Be aware that cleaning may be in progress and observe any notices or warnings
  5. No glass or sharp objects are to be taken into the changing room/showers
  6. Members are to be cautious of wet floors
  7. All personal items are to stored in lockers provided and all items are left at owners own risk.


 Opening Hours

  1. The management may at any such time withdraw the use of all or part of the facilities where it is deemed necessary for the repair, maintenance, cleaning of alteration for any such reasons
  2. General Opening Hours   Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm  Saturday 9am – 4pm   Sunday (am – 2pm
  3. Bank Holidays (notification will be given)
  4. The open and closing times may be subject to change at certain times.



  1. Members are to complete a registration form before using the facilities.
  2. All members will be offered an induction at the time of registration.
  3. All equipment has been designed and tested to be safe with correct use, please ensure for your own safety you receive full instructions of use before commencing your workout.

Terms and Conditions

Anyone wanting to take advantage must be over the age of 16 and be able to provide proof of age if asked.

Excludes the use of tanning beds.
Excludes Spinning Classes.

Only one free week trial per person.
This offer is not available to current or past members.
On redeeming your voucher you will be asked to complete a no obligation membership form.