Hi - I’m Harmi Singh

I started my training at the age of 8 initially in Tae Kwon Do, I continued to practise in the martial art until I was 16 at which point I abandoned the traditional side of the art to concentrate on its kickboxing element.

I gained practical real-life experience of martial arts whilst working ‘on the doors’, which I have now been doing for over 17 years.  It was not until I started working as a doorman that I quickly realised my need to learn a system that would be more direct and effective in closer, more confined spaces.  It was at this point that I began my training in boxing.

Having heard of Glenn Smith’s reputation as one of the best young boxing coaches in the UK, I began my training with him in the ‘noble art’, around 15 years ago.  Boxing with the likes of Brian Collier (head coach and owner of The Lion Fight Club), Paul Hudson (head coach at The Red Corner professional boxing gym), and being training and sparring partner for the likes of Llewellyn Davies (professional boxer) and Joe McClusky (professional boxer) I have gained an invaluable grounding in boxing.  This led to Glenn Smith asking me to become a boxing coach at ‘The Red Corner’ professional boxing gym when it was founded in 2005.

In order to complement my boxing I have also trained intensely in mixed martial arts with ‘British Combat Association’ chief instructors, Justin Gray; former European Vale Tudo (no holds barred) Champion and Matthew Evans; former British Vale Tudo Champion.

My training has played a vital role in making me a self-disciplined, determined and courteous individual.  These personal qualities have played a major role in all aspects of my life, particularly in my academic achievements.

As a boxing coach I have gained a wealth of experience and worked with a huge variety of clients, ranging from children to adults, both male and female.  Some wanting to lose weight, get fit and reduce stress, others just wanting to box.  I have coached personal trainers and sports coaches from various disciplines including coaches working for premier league football clubs, and ex-professional footballers.  I have coached absolute beginners to ABA boxers, right through to professional fighters like MMA sensation Dave Hill.  Clients have come to me to increase punch power, work on defence and footwork, learn ringcraft and to work on fight strategies.   Others have come to me to learn an effective form of self protection ranging from teachers, prison workers, doormen and members of the general public just wanting to increase self-confidence.

I believe perfecting ‘the basics’ is the absolute foundation in boxing.  These basic fundamentals combined with physical intensity and the instincts developed training in ‘the line system’, mould the student into a supremely effective boxer or fighter.

The virtues of mental and physical strength, discipline and respect that are gained through boxing are vital to become a contributing member of society.  

Training ‘one on one’ not only provides accelerated learning, but also allows an individual to work at their own pace and learn a style suited to their build and strengths. It is well suited to the beginner and the more self conscious client. It is just as suited to the more experienced trainer or fighter, one who needs and craves that individual attention to improve and stand out from others, allowing possible flaws and weaknesses to be identified and eliminated – enabling one to achieve their goals and potential.

Boxing is the best stress buster around; it is one of the most effective forms of cross-training.  Working the cardiovascular system, it combines use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, with the systematic recruitment of both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres in a manner that not only ensures a diverse workout, but also enhances sport specific senses including hand-eye coordination, balance, speed, reaction time and power. It is ideal for increasing weight loss, gaining strength and endurance and boosting self-esteem. Above all else it is FUN!!!

For a great workout designed to meet your individual needs and requirements contact me at the Workout Mill.


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