Cardiovascular Suite

The cardio area is situated on the ground floor.  The cardio area is well ventilated and airy with multiple pieces of up to date and state of the art equipment, ensuring you rarely have to wait to use any of our equipment.

We can advise you on how to get the best from your cardio workouts. i.e.

  • Weight Loss
  • Interval Training
  • Endurance
  • Heart Rate Control

Here at The Workout Mill we have a number of cardio equipment for you to come and try out.

  • Life Fitness Treadmills
  • Life Fitness Cross Trainers
  • Cross Trainers
  • Concept II Rowers
  • Grappler
  • Stair Master Step Mills

The most recognised benefits of doing regular aerobic exercise are:-

  1. Strengthening the muscles involved in reservation to facilitate the flow of air in and out of the lungs.
  2. Strengthening muscles throughout the body
  3. Improve circulation efficiency and reducing blood pressure
  4. Improve mental health
  5. Increases the total number of blood cells in the body facilitation the transport of oxygen.

Aerobic exercise is physical exercise that intends to improve our oxygen system. ‘Aerobic’ means with oxygen and refers to the use of oxygen in the bodies metabolic or energy generating process. The Workout Mills cardiovascular suite has a wide variety of equipment that provides our members with everything they need to reach their fitness goals.

Our expert staff are on hand to give you a personalised workout plan designed specifically with you in mind to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Terms and Conditions

Anyone wanting to take advantage must be over the age of 16 and be able to provide proof of age if asked.

Excludes the use of tanning beds.
Excludes Spinning Classes.

Only one free week trial per person.
This offer is not available to current or past members.
On redeeming your voucher you will be asked to complete a no obligation membership form.